WHAT WE'RE DOING Covid-19 Precautions

It’s been a weird year, but we’re doing our part to keep our cookie class attendees safe! Here’s how we’re working to fight the spread:

Eventbrite is no longer offering Eventbrite fee refunds due to Covid-cancellations, so if you request a refund prior to your event, you won’t be able to get back the platform fees unfortunately!

If you’re sick prior to the 7-day refund cutoff, you can cancel for a full refund! And might we say thank you for quarantining. To request a refund through Eventbrite, follow these steps.

For any sickness symptoms prior to your class’s start time but after the 7-day refund policy, please email us before your class’s start time, and we’ll give you a credit for the next class.

If we do not hear from you before your class’s start time, and you do not show up for class, we won’t be able to offer you a refund or a credit. So please reach out to us if you’re feeling sick before class starts!