Four COVID Friendly Team Building Activities

 Four COVID Friendly Team Building Activities

Nothing says “we’re a team…ish” like never seeing your team in the flesh for 9 months with the only line of communication being a seemingly endless chain of emails attempting to substitute for Monday morning meetings. We’re nearly 9 months from the onset of COVID-19 lock downs, and while FIOS bills are at an all-time high, team comradery is at an all-time low. Looking at your cube mate through your webcam just isn’t cutting it, and there’s no workaround for watercooler talk when it requires a Zoom invite link. So – you’re looking for ways to bring the team together without actually bringing them together? Queue the Advil, because this will be a painful venture. But we’re here to help you find three COVID friendly team building activities to connect your team through more than just a fiber cable and a WebEx meeting.

Four COVID Friendly Team Building Activities

Finding a good virtual team building activity starts with understanding how your teams are comprised and what will be easy enough for everyone to participate in without disrupting work or weekends. Since we’re living the virtual life, instead of bringing teams together, we can bring people together.

A Day In the Life Of – Covid-Safe Virtual Trips

Have the team film “A Day In The Life” – a 3 minute video challenge that tells the team a little bit about them. It can be about anything. A day in the life of my pet, Ray. A day in the life of me going to the lake for the weekend (socially distanced of course). You get the idea – just a little somethin’ to get the team to learn a bit more about each other. It can be filmed on a phone and spliced together with apps like Premier Pro or on your phone even. Ideas for “A Day In The Life Of” include: 

  • A Day in the Life of [your pet]
  • A Day in the Life of Your Family
  • A Day in the Life of A [Hobby – think baker, woodworker, etc.]

Virtual Sugar Cookie Decorating Classes for Safe Team Building

You didn’t think we weren’t going to mention sugar cookie decorating on a website called did you!? We host virtual team building sugar cookie classes – you can pick up to five cookies and four icing colors to be shipped to your team throughout America. They’ll be given a Zoom link and we’ll walk them through the entire set – virtually helping your team decorate. We print our cutters in-house, so we can even do a custom set including the company logo, heck, even team member’s dogs and cats.

Classes last for one hour and team members are provided with everything they’ll need to become professional bakers (kidding – but close). We follow a PowerPoint and live decorating class to ensure that every cookie can come out looking like a winner (and if they don’t, hey – they still taste great).

Want to setup a virtual team building cookie class? Email our team at and we’ll get started!

Virtual Scavenger Hunts for Virtual Team Building

We used to do these in teen activities growing up, and it was a blast. Someone comes up with a list of slightly obscure items people may have in their home. The host announces the item and sends team members scrambling from their cameras into their homes to locate the object. First one back to the screen with the object in hand gets a point. Some of the objects can get really comical, so have fun with it! Things like “toilet paper cardboard center” and “dirty dish from yesterday” would be a great way to add a little nonsensical fun to your next team meeting.

Bonus Team Tip – MTV Tours

Whoa – did we teleport back to the 2000s Brittany Era? No – but this is a weird year, and we might as well get weird with it. Having teams give MTV tours of their home gives you a peek inside what makes them them. You’ll definitely will want to give teammates a heads up about the house tour – nothing strikes fear like your teammates realizing you’ve skipped laundry day since the quarantine started.

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